May Debatey + Dreamy wonder + Lance Wyman = Hot Source

Mad May event: here’s what you missed

Hot Source was one of the all-time greats. It was a packed house (we think we had just shy of a hundred people, but we lost count) and it was wildly varied and over-ambitious (how we like it).

First of all let the record show that Hot Source is unworthy and ungrateful: on the night we miserably failed to thank both NUCA for allowing us to use their lecture theatre, and Lambda Films for filming the proceedings. Sorry guys, and thank you.

Rob Halden-Pratt (@RobHP) kicked off by taking us into the crafty world of makerspaces. These collaborative spaces for thinking and making are springing up all over the world, and Rob is rightly asking the question: if there, why not here?

A kind of dreamy wonder descended on us as Finola Gaynor (@F1nola) told us about the Lance Wyman show she put together at the NUCA St George’s Street gallery. Great work that is both beautiful and important.

Finally, we had our first Hot Source debatey. The immeasurably affable Tony Wood (@xfactorcomms) led the panel of Paul Hill (@paulhill_biz), Maxine Green (@lexicamarketing), Chris Delahunty (@chrisdelahunty) and Sean Clark (@seanclark) on the subject of rules and etiquette for using social media – with some lively contributions from the rest of the Hot Source gang. Did we solve the puzzle? No, but there were arguments and viewpoints that we’d never heard before and it was fun to see some intellectual arm-wrestling going on before our very eyes.

Hot Source