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Cradle to the grave

Image of the last stage - Death.

Designed by Ilona Gaynor, London

For as long as I live (2008) [unfinished]

This project is looks at ‘sustainabilty’ and
longevity of products in particular that of
furniture and how we can relate a products
lifespan to our own. How do we define true
sustanability: does it mean a product can be
re-used? does it mean it will last forever? or
could it mean it lasts as long as we intend it
to- through our own definition, defined by a
certain legnth of time.

I have designed a singular piece of furniture
that transforms and lasts as long as you do.
The idea is that the furniture is adaptable and
is only relevent to the stage of life, at which
your currently in.

– Birth / Cot
– Adolescence / Single Bed
– Adulthood / Double Bed
– Death / Coffin

The unconscious phases of life and it’s stages
present themselves in a conscious act of furniture
re-construction, preparing you for the next phase.
We all know this is an occurence in expectant
parents, but why not continue this ritual?

Nice idea*

Here is an interesting approach to sustainable design, designed by Tim Fraser Brown.

A range of cardboard products that transform from package to product. Each box claims to contain
a product, but instead can be deconstructed and reconstructed inside out to become its contents.
No glue, tape or tools are required.